New review: power Rangers 29.09.2017

In March 2017 in cinemas came to a remake is quite popular in 90-e years of the series about a group of teenagers saving humanity from the alien attacks the “thugs” and calling themselves “Power Rangers”.

Despite the characteristic in the recent trend of dramatically reshape old stories in a new way, in this case, “Lionsgate” not have much to move away from familiar and memorable images in the past, focusing on giving picture entertainment, drama and realism, which, in turn, lacked original material.

The movie is so light and watchable, something Recalling the first “marvel” adaptation about Mr “Thor.” Here also it all begins with the fight between good and evil, then there is a slow unfolding of events in a small provincial American town, a little humor and emotional experiences in the relationship between parents and children, and of course the epic finale, with its triumphant completion.

Thus, all of the above can be confidently attributed to the “pros” of the film. Despite quite a long string and a very small amount of screen time allotted to the demonstration of all the possibilities of “Rangers” (the skills of warfare, the superpowers, colorful costumes, etc.), the presence of “extra” scenes and the lack as such acting of the main five, the movie turned out entertaining and entertaining, it is not bored while watching, keeping for two hours interest. Well-chosen soundtracks and solidly crafted visual part harmoniously complement, though not perfect, but quite tolerable plot.

In the end, we got the “standard” for the perception of sci-Fi action to an audience of middle school age about has already poselitsya superheroes, allowing though a little to return to the past and remember those times when the TV series “power Rangers” was an integral part of a television broadcast.

6 out of 10

New review: power Rangers 29.09.2017

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