New review: Pride and prejudice 28.09.2017

It’s a good adaptation. Beautiful and even delightful. It does not contain superfluous details, but there is a very tangible taste of arthaus. But in such an amount that does not spoil the film and doesn’t turn him into God knows what, but on the contrary stresses (or even creates) light sensitivity and thoughtfulness, plunges into the inner world of the protagonist.

As for the actors, keira Knightley, I thought, was too elegant for the role of Elizabeth (the perfect voploshenie was, in my opinion, Jennifer El in the mini-series 1995), but still looked very charming. Mr. Darcy is not particularly memorable, but was not so bad. Of the other performers my sympathy won Tallulah Riley in the role of Mary. In General, acting like the scenery, no doubt.

Worthy, beautiful, without the tedious details. No complaints.

8 out of 10

New review: Pride and prejudice 28.09.2017

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