New review: Primal fear 28.06.2017

Why Norton did not give an Oscar more for this role back in 1996, I could not understand it. It was played brilliantly!!! With victory in that year nominated for the award, the film I watched, but even can not imagine what I had to do people to hit me more than Norton, playing his debut role! Honestly, I watched the movie an hour ago, and until now, all the emotions, therefore, to write correctly and clearly all might not work out. But write, until I remember that I would like to say.

Game Norton in this film struck me. I started to watch the movie, knowing about the Oscar nominations for the role of Aaron, and expected, to be honest, a lot. But I still was expecting less than I received! Now I just sit and don’t understand how people who played in his first movie here (!) has no Oscar. But, of course, there’s the Golden globes. And anyway, why be judged by the awards, the main thing — that the actor himself enjoyed the process and satisfaction from the done work. It is time to end the digression and talk about the film.

But the film is worth watching not only to keep an eye on young Edward. By the way, the scene with the transformation from Aaron to Roy I was anticipating to see several times, so the whole viewing took me more than three hours. And about the time I’m not a bit sorry.

Acting of Richard Gere and I am quite satisfied, although, to be honest, I don’t know how much better/worse than he usually plays, as I know the only movie with him is “Hachiko”. I liked his facial expressions during conversations with Aaron/Roy.

Of course, I want to highlight the McDormand. I even know what to say about the game, I don’t know how to describe it, I have called feelings. But I know I liked it. Somehow all of her antics and movements fit perfectly into my stereotypical image of a psychiatrist. Looking five minutes ago, her filmography, I realized that partly watched the movie with her on TV with her and brad pitt. “Burn after reading”. Where her game is not particularly memorable, but maybe it’s not as good. Honestly, I don’t remember. But for the sake of the game Francis and Norton and to figure things out, I’d look at “Primal fear” again.

Lately in the viewing films are closely watching the camera work. Here I liked some moments, but somehow not much like the perspective, with which Roy has shown in the last scene. Somehow, I was irritated by the black bars, the blurred in the foreground. I have no doubt that this was some kind of idea. Okay, I won’t complain about.

It was pretty interesting music pursuit Sampleram, but otherwise, I do not particularly like or remember. Well, here it is, as they say, on taste and color…

The plot does not seem stupid or inconsistent. Interesting and exciting.

Oh, actually I said very much.

In total, the film very much. Happy to put him

9 out of 10

New review: Primal fear 28.06.2017

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