New review: prisoner of the Caucasus! 21.06.2017

To begin, I will talk about three social phenomena observed by me in the Taliban for many years.

The first phenomenon — mankurtism. The loss of respect for the culture of the nation with the idealization of a foreign culture. It mankurt once created, and now popularitybut cliche “Russian cinema is shit”. However, these same Taliban can quote “the Brother-2” and revise the “Team” or “Teacher”. “It has become fashionable to speak scornfully of their country. Not about the government, namely Homeland. But people are not for me — mankurt. Their inferiority they show aggression — they are all to blame, of course, but themselves. Quite a lot of them and they believe that their number justifies” (C) Vladimir Solovyov.

The second phenomenon of conformism (high conformity). The lack of a firm position on that or another matter, with the desire NOT to oppose the position of well-respected actors. Thanks to people there are such precedents: after a review of Yevhen overall rating good Christmas movie “make it happen” fell (just think) twice. They say, how to say the master — so what we’ll do. And that we should not dare his judgment to have.

The third phenomenon of the idealization of the Soviet culture. Oddly enough, the Russian Taliban, the worship of the West is combined with the glorification of the Soviet cinema. Even the most culturally outdated movies they called “the immortal masterpieces” only to relying on the SUPPOSEDLY prosperous past, to once again humiliate the Russian cinema.

So I have listed the reasons why this film was so over thereduced assessment. For substantive reasons, the film doesn’t deserve such a low rating. Well, what the film is all wrong?

The plot, dialogues and characters are completely copied from the original film. Na-num. No signs of the Amateur, there is neither a step forward nor a step back. The cast is perfect: the best roles imaginable. Caracois perfect Dodik, Zadorozhnaya — perfect beauty, Strugachev-Dobrynin-Stepanchenko — the perfect Coward-Balbes-Skilled, Guzman — perfect doctor of the psychiatric hospital, Khazanov — perfect Caax, Keman — perfect henchman Saahova, Dmitriev-Eskin — perfect patients Durkee.

A reasonable question arises. If the original you put a very high rating, why do you give a bad rating exact copy of the original, which differs from the film Gaidai is that cast and age? It consists of the abstracts:

– mankurtism;

– conformity;

– idealization of Soviet cinema.

Sadly, gentlemen, it is sad. Well it had to manage to defile a good one-time movie… However, critical thinking will judge.

7 out of 10

New review: prisoner of the Caucasus! 21.06.2017

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