New review: Projet-M 16.06.2017

In the near future. Water is a valuable resource on par with oil. The main global supplier of Quebec. As an additional source of water, the administration of Quebec is considering Jupiter’s moon Europe, which and runs a research expedition of four (two men and two women) of the astronauts. During the flight of the spacecraft on Earth begins a nuclear war…

Hard science fiction in the “Project-M” no. To reassure was the allusion to the finding of traces of an alien civilization, unfortunately, does not receive development. The film is another version of the answer to popular in recent years filmmakers the question: “how will the astronauts in extreme conditions?”. This theme involves deep-drawing of characters, realistic behavior, tense atmosphere. Instead, we served hanky-panky of a couple of astronauts, in space, performed Chopin on a synthesizer and the most incredible sacrifice, incredible in its lightness. One person within a few minutes of screen time capable of the vilest treachery and stoic heroism in relation to the same colleagues.

Special mention deserves the Russian astronaut, as fate caught in the canadian spacecraft. He is fluent in French, and yet in the middle of a conversation with French-speaking astronauts screws unclear who addressed Russian “Bo l W th thank you”, and our popular mantra pronounces as “b l I s t” Hello, Soviet man from Hollywood films of the 80s.

And dear writers, real-life astronauts do not care, will undermine the religious foundations of the earthlings the fact of detection of an alien civilization.

“Project-M” removed Canadians. Instead quasilattice better if made a film on the autobiography of his compatriot Chris Hatfield “the Leadership of astronaut life on Earth.” Even art, even documentary. It would be interesting and informative.

New review: Projet-M 16.06.2017

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