New review: Prometheus 07.06.2017

When archaeologists in their researches come to the conclusion that in the development of mankind was attended by guests from other planets, then ask for help in funding the expedition to billionaire Peter Weyland, who with the light hand gives a nod. But is it simple? High-tech starship limousine flying through space where humanity will reach not soon — to a lonely moon of a gas giant. Is it just for scientific research? Or is it just an excuse for something or someone who yearns to find eternal life… the Desert, which nobody wants. But why aliens left the coordinates of the wasteland? Perhaps the interpretation of rock paintings was not quite right and very soon bravura expedition, embodying the most advanced achievements of mankind, immersed in the depths of a nightmare.

I must give credit to the actors — they all play without exaggeration, perfect. Ranging from disguised as old man, guy Pearce, in whose voice felt, in spite of a century of age, authoritativeness and strength; running of crew members, each with their own cockroaches in the head and ending with an incredible game charismatic noomi Rapace who’s looking for answers, suffering but does not surrender. Michael Fassbender brilliantly played the role of the Android David, looking at which you see the perfect person, not a machine with limited thinking, as one might expect.

Alien the content of the film was very satisfying and extraordinary. Ridley Scott did alien not released immediately, but only teased with frescoes and some random mutant. In the end, the film was planned as a story about the Space Jockeys, which in the film was the official name of Engineers. Grotesque creating like a came from of Lovecraftian horror and embodied by the genius of Hans Ruedi Giger, what the audience saw in the first Alien, and that all other Directors had ignored or even tried to replace the predator in the ensuing decades, finally got a proper incarnation.

Lyrical digression. In one scene, the man asks: “what is the best suit?” What Android says: “made Me so, that you feel comfortable to communicate with me”. And in another scene he Android asks the man: “why do people build him?” What man without hesitation replied: “Created because he could.” Android continues: “You would have been disappointed with the answer of the creators?”

End of digression. The explanation is simple — on the big secrets, no big answers or another — it’s simply brilliant. As fused with the chair of aliens. Under the mask hides a fantastical humanoid, another embodiment of the person.

In contrast to the humanoid and anthropomorphism is the image of an alien, blood-thirsty star beast like a man but come this way only in the Covenant, and the main “mantra” in Prometheus stands black goo is a substance that changes all life it touches, whether ordinary earthworms, which turn into giant snakes or man turned into a monster. Even Engineers are not spared this fate, as evidenced by the difference between the two Engineers at the beginning and end of the film.

To the technical side of the claims and there can be no sound and music captured and immediately immersed in an atmosphere of some Grand mystery, which will inevitably be followed by the opening. But the visual aspect does look extremely realistic. It’s no joke — in the era of digital special effects in the movie used costumes, makeup, and built life-size scenery.

Also note that after the release of Alien: Testament, Prometheus begins to be perceived differently: for the given questions are answered and where questions, but it was just a curiosity — the universe reveals even more. I can say that Prometheus and Covenant together much integrity than the entire original quadrilogy.

9 out of 10

PS Ridley Scott successfully repeated the trick with the main character from someone else, ie this is not always the person facing the camera.

New review: Prometheus 07.06.2017

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