New review: Proximity 27.06.2017

Dan, Alice, Anna, Larry — four heroes, four destinies, cleverly woven into a single string of intrigues, revelations and heart wounds. But if you look closely, really all the characters are so different?

I saw only two pairs of soul mates that are each other’s antagonists, but the same so furiously each other attractive.

1. Dan and Anna

Whether the couple in fact is the same love at first sight? Oh, no. Through a lens characters see in each other the mirror image and could not believe their eyes. Surely there’s someone so similar?

Both characters irrevocably in love with itself, Narcissus, not taking life by someone else’s rules. Their concept is absolute permissiveness, inviolability. They should be loved by all, they are perfect. People — magnets, black holes, the contact with which the victim has no chance to escape. And one day the magnets face the same polarity. Their passion, treacherous first kiss — an attempt to assert themselves, to prove to themselves and others that they have no restrictions or prohibitions. They are available for everything!

But none of them want to just give up. Does not happen at the same time two of the winners in this battle have to stand only one. As weapons the characters use sincere human feelings of their victims, which they were able so easily to conquer. No sense of remorse, they go to the infidelity, betrayal and lies. Leave and return to their original passions.

Both heroes are depraved and ruined, despite the fact that both have a decent social status and profession, unlike their victims. Their so-called love is only a mask, covering of greedy desire to be madly loved, without giving anything in return.

2. Alice and Larry

And here is the victim. They are not as similar as their tormentors, but what unites them most importantly — immense love for its mate. The characters also don’t want too just give up. They are trying to be like Anna and Dan, but because of their (paradoxically for strippers and Horny) cleanliness can never be.

The film definitely deserves the highest praise. It’s an amazing juxtaposition of spiritual purity and appearance of the depravity with coverage of the selfishness of modern man, permissiveness and lies, gives the viewer to escape from the everyday clichés and look at the very essence of the human soul. But it is difficult. Primarily due to the fact that he is incredibly truthful. And this is very sad to admit.

New review: Proximity 27.06.2017

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