New review: Pure love 27.09.2017

He is now radiodeejay, so famous, that to break the rules, became his habit. Who would have thought that in his youth he was nicknamed the silent. Even harder to imagine why taciturn boy chose a profession for their future. He must have had a reason.

The film tells the story of 23-year-old. Times were different then, other foundations, other values. Hard to believe in the existence of a relationship between the five heroes — a real friendship, when the friend for the friend the mountain, when together to go on an adventure together to punishment, the whole company to fulfill the cherished desire, to care for each other. Each of them has its own unwritten roles: runner, tiger, silent, crippled… Yes, there is such a role, she fell to the su OK. But it’s okay, su OK of an actress. Four friends came on vacation to take care of her, to wear and maintain. Su OK good voice, it’s her dream to work in radio. Because there is no need to walk, because walking is still one of her dreams and the main problem. The guys rallied around the ring in an attempt to protect them from life’s troubles. But su OK — people, and anyone of us have not managed to avoid problems. Staying with the disaster alone can make a desperate decision.

He is now radiodeejay. How come he has to live to tell the sad story of your life?

9 out of 10

New review: Pure love 27.09.2017

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