New review: Queen of the desert 11.10.2017

It would seem that the actress that I really like Nicole Kidman, plays the main role, and the genre of film biography, a genre which I find very interesting. However, the film has not caused me a storm of emotions. On the contrary, seemed rather dry and boring.

You know, there are movies, which aim to tell a story and nothing more. The painting “Queen of the desert” of these.

As far as I know among the filmmakers was of the opinion that it would be necessary to get a picture about a person like Gertrude bell. For those who don’t know (I didn’t know) this lady is a British writer, traveler, political officer and archaeologist. She has made a significant contribution to the creation of the state of Iraq, helping to manage the state etc. She’s traveled around the Middle East and knew a lot about the culture of the peoples living there.

So, I think the Director of this film, Werner Herzog, pursued the idea to tell the story of this woman precisely because she is not yet told.

The film does not feel some kind of philosophical or pedagogical perspective. Teaches film and why tell us this story? Here’s a question that stayed with me after viewing. Yes, the story of a strong woman, which helped resolve serious issues with the different and not always friendly representatives of the Middle East. Yes, the story about a woman who wrote his name in the history of Iraq. But, alas, that’s all. Of course, this does not diminish its merit and respect for its achievements. But, after watching, you feel some kind of inspiration, the desire to move mountains and the other senses that are normally experienced by the viewer after viewing the biographical paintings about famous people.

Perhaps this is because of the rather dry story. I thought he endlessly dry and boring. Feeling that the desert sand slowly spilling from his fist down somewhere, scattering the grains of the narrative, not allowing you to collect them into a single picture.

Moreover, the film more shows what character she is looking for himself in the desert, looking for his own happiness, but not committed shows what a difficult job she had to do to become who she became.

New review: Queen of the desert 11.10.2017

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