New review: Queen of the desert 29.09.2017

The film is so bland and vague that it seems it was done on purpose. Another reason it is difficult to imagine for what the famous Werner Herzog from the rich, intriguing historical material with the potential to supply spectacular (in terms of not lost actuality, interesting characters, natural locations and the Oriental flavor), made a sluggish melodrama, which looks absolutely unconvincing and content (which almost no sketchy love story) and form (Kidman and Franco was frankly ugly as a couple). Line Lewis up, but leaves a sense of incompleteness from the point of view of the story as well, and everything else in the film, turned into aimless winding through the desert back and forth with tremendous historical consequences, inexplicable, judging by shown.

I can not mention Pattinson, who played the famous Thomas Lawrence. He practically nothing to play in this movie, but it looks natural and lovely as a character, and does not cause confusion as a participant in the real history, which, though not practically about it here, but it at least identified specifically.

In General, if not wait historical-political or dramatic revelations, it is possible to get pleasure from the detail recreated the atmosphere of the time and place of the action with beautiful costumes and scenery of the desert.

New review: Queen of the desert 29.09.2017

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