New review: raging bull 29.07.2017

The creative tandem of one of the greatest Directors Martin Scorsese and not less the great actor Robert De Niro gave the world community a number of cult films. Which forever entered the Golden Fund of cinema. Picture “raging bull” is in many ways a landmark film of the 1980s, and in America, and is recognized as the best sports picture in the history, being placed in various rankings.

The film is based on the life of American boxer Jake Lamotta, a nickname which became the title of the film. Jake Lamotte had a very bad temper and violent temper, who had troubled himself and his family. While being a talented boxer, he had a successful career. Although fully realize the talent he had and managed. However, for all its inconsistencies, Jake Lamotte is considered a legendary figure in the world of Boxing.

Before us is a sports biographical drama. But sports it is only superficially, a Boxing match is not much time, and they are shown in abbreviated form. The plot revolves around the personal life of a boxer his relationship with his brother, wife and children. His controversial actions, attitude, perseverance, selfishness, and constant conflicts brought him a lot of problems like the ring, so beyond. All this fully reflected on the screen. The struggle with himself, that is in the center of all history. This significantly distinguishes it from other Boxing films.

To achieve a great effect of realism, the movie was filmed in black-and-white film, as if in a documentary style. The film is a lot of improvisation, which emphasizes the naturalness of what is happening on the screen. This is characteristic of the directing style of Martin Scorsese, with his signature Assembly gluing, which is the responsibility of his constant companion Thelma Shoonmaker. This has borne fruit, one of the two Oscars were just for installation.

Of course this picture became the top acting by Robert De Niro. Amazing role, one of the best in his career, and is widely recognized as the best and in his work. Amazing transformation of the hero, appearing in a variety of guises, whether a boxer at the peak of the sports form with a beautiful wife, children and brother. Or older and stouter, second-rate entertainer in a nightclub, rejected by their loved ones. For this role Robert De Niro gained 27 pounds, to accurately show the aged Jake Lamotta. Convincingly disclosed the main character, his emotions, strengths and weaknesses. That makes you empathize with his character, even despite the General unpleasantness of his personality. Brilliant role that became an example for actors all over the world.

Perfectly made and my second favorite Martin Scorsese, charismatic Joe Pesci in the role of the brother of the main character. And it was in fact his first serious role in a movie. Cathy Moriarty blonde beauty plays the role of lover Jake Lamotta not only sidelined, but is presented in a bright and emotional way.

Raging bull is a very strong, exciting, interesting sport retro drama. A milestone in the history of world cinema. Brilliant acting, unique style of storytelling and subtle direction makes the picture a classic of cinematic art. The minuses in the film, the only criterion for evaluation becomes subjective perception. As it is known, at everyone.

PS Jake Lamotte is alive to this day. He’s 96 years old. After watching the film, this fact seems incredible.

8 out of 10

New review: raging bull 29.07.2017

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