New review: Real vampires 22.06.2017

If you are fed up with the vampire theme, the “Real vampires” between the case and see. However, while watching long is unclear: whether it was a movie, or, on the contrary, stupid. The correct answer, as always, somewhere in the middle.

We all watch Hollywood movies and know that Hollywood is forcing us to take for granted the most incredible, stupid and illogical premise. But in a totally legallybuy “Vampires” premise is exactly the same illogical and stupid: a film crew documents the everyday life of vampires who drink blood and such (usually behind the scenes, because microbudget), but new Zealand police are powerless and ignoring this mess; a “live” friend vampires supplying them with victims almost pipelined manner, but bodies again do not care; the vampire can stand the electric light, but are still in the dark. Etc., etc.

“Vampires” is quite unentertaining, and although claimed as a Comedy, really funny jokes in them is not enough, and deep revelations, no more than in “Blade 3”. But the film saves irony. The authors make it clear that they themselves know what all the fuss is about. The characters are bloodsuckers outraged “what the hell are we removes operator?”, the film crew is present, even at the annual vampire masquerade gathering, which is not allowed with real people, but no explanation of how it all go started, the authors do not give us, thus, as if to say: Yes, we know that everything that happens guys are not logical, but do not bother, do not like do not look. Themselves vampires, oddly enough, very plausible and impressive, despite polulyubitelsky the film character.

The genre of mocumentary by 2015 it’s almost time to get bored, and by 2017 even more tired, so Jemaine Clement associates aren’t worth more for him to return. But to continue to make movies it is: when you need technical and financial support they could to try to prove something to the world. The value of this film is not outstanding artistic merits, but the fact that it shows some potential.

New review: Real vampires 22.06.2017

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