New review: Really bad girls 18.06.2017

With this question, even I am not particularly impressionable young suitcase, were almost to the end of the tape. I am in no way against black humor, but to do it exactly like THAT in a Comedy film, as the viewer, I think is not permissible. Well, there should not be much blood when you want to relax and smile. Almost to the end, this situation is kept in light tension, during which was no longer possible to laugh at pearl heroines.

If we consider this tape as something serious, a parody of all these movies with a broken party, the particular banter and subtle irony I did not see and of the ordinary, anything claiming, Comedy the film is already out, because there even tried to touch on some serious issues. That is, it came neither there nor here.

The theme of lesbians and black and all seems overdue, and “jokes” on this motif seem to be completely irrelevant. In General, the humor in this Comedy is devoid of any tankote, and it’s not a special concentration on sexually negapatnam jokes, and that was often just not funny and all. But I can’t tell you, that made me laugh — hilarious moments was really a lot.

A couple of stories were much too long, some of the dialog seemed totally unnecessary.

The presence of famous actors and colorful characters made the tape, of course, brighter. They have the main advantage of this picture.

The fact that it is necessary to analyze the film and write a review, gives it too much importance. After all, it is nothing more than a summer Comedy that you can watch, but only once.

Overall watchable, but greatly reduce the rating due to the death of a stripper.

5 out of 10

New review: Really bad girls 18.06.2017

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