New review: rear Window 03.10.2017

The movie was great fun, as well as from study of information about it.

The first Association that arose were hung in the cars of subway advertising. The call to observe the neighbors, and then who knows what happens. In fact, it’s hard not to recall the advertising-to-one correspondence.

Once the main character is the camera, just remember the “blow-up” of Antonioni. I find it hard to articulate what led to this. Probably a combination of camera and possibly imaginary crimes. Later, when reading Wikipedia, you find that indeed, blow-up filmed under the influence of the novels of Cortazar, written under the impression of “Window to the yard”. Funny. Only 12 years difference, but a completely different movie, completely different philosophy. Actually, the blow-up is a philosophy, and in the “Window” is a Thriller…

But strange Thriller. He was surprisingly calm. No passions, no car chases and shootouts. It’s such a homely, cosy Thriller. As the courtyard in which the action unfolds. Even in the most exciting scenes are there particular passions. This ease, as in “North by Northwest” is not felt, but before the drama “Psycho” does not hold. Partly this is facilitated by the rather cardboard and naive (to date). Attempts of special effects, like falling out the window, look rather ridiculous, and diluted dramatism situation.

The main sadness for me was the coloring of the film. I would prefer to watch it in black and white, as intended by the Director. But where such to take officially — is unclear. It issued color, despite the fact that the cover was black and white. I think that after coloring the film really loses, because the accents, the construction of the frame — everything is changing. Well, okay.

On Wikipedia it is written that the prototype Jeffries served as the photographer Robert Capa. Funny, just recently read the book “Russian diary”, where one of the main actors is just this photographer. Very similar character turned out, although when watching a film of this Association does not occur.

All the main characters very much. Perhaps they are somewhat exaggerated, and so want to write, what is the legacy of the silent cinema… if “Window” is not separated from him for twenty years. And the statistics I have for the films of the time small, to compare almost anything. But most likely yeah, it’s just old school of acting. To show emotion, to convey clearly and definitely state of the character, it was clear to all. The level of theatre than the modern cinema, perhaps.

In General, a great film. The film is a classic. To understand where that came from in the film, it is desirable to see, especially because as a movie it is not bad, and the actors here are also remarkable.

8 out of 10

New review: rear Window 03.10.2017

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