New review: Red turtle 29.07.2017

The woman in the film “Red turtle” — is a direct embodiment of the totality, in contrast to men, whose image stands more divided and fragmented. We are all known example of “androgynous” from the “Feast” of Plato, “hybrid” from “Golem” Meyrink. After a while in front of you prazosinno male and female, and the new and fused the beginning. Solid and sealed.

In the basis of the perspective of the cartoon are different promises: the conflict between man and nature, the place and role of h-ka in the world, time and death. But for me over all these close philosophical issues dominated mainly the pathos of love, because love the place and the value of the nameless hero in a world determined by his relationship with nature. Love gently watched time and death. As a perfect frame locked together all aspects of life and becoming a hero. Perhaps, therefore, the Director is taken allegorical image of a turtle from Eastern mythology as a symbol of creation. Liked the graphics, for example, the depiction of characters, someone will complain: “very flat”/”hooks-hook” — is a clearly defined entity. Maybe the idea was just to ensure maximum attention to the dramatically rich language of gestures, facial expressions and touch. Or maybe the author just intentionally wanted to physically impersonate their heroes.

Instead of words — good music and talking emotions. It’s almost like Kim Ki Duk, as in “the Empty house”, as in “Sigh”.

If you have not watched “the Red turtle”, we’ll see. At least for ten minutes a gentle and melancholic aftertaste that will remain after the viewing (but soon will be replaced anyway, still have less charming sense of routine).

New review: Red turtle 29.07.2017

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