New review: Remember 30.07.2017

The theme of amnesia for the cinema is not new. Therefore, it is impossible not to notice some similarity between the plot of the movie “Memento” Christopher Nolan’s other films connected somehow with memory. This, for example, a great “shutter Island” by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role or “Before I sleep” Rowan Joffe starring role Nicole Kidmanobtained a lot weaker than the book, etc. Yes, they came later, “Memento”, but I looked at them before the film is Nolan, so I will allow myself that.

Christopher Nolan is famous for his ability to confuse the viewer cleverly constructed storylines and bezuprechnym their expression in the visual range. The movie memento is no exception. The original “deployment” of the story was the main reason why the film I watched only the second time. The first attempt ended after ten minutes of watching, and I’m terribly ashamed because I gave up, not allowing the film the chance it really deserves. A unique system where you built the film, “read” closer to 30 minutes of viewing. Nolan makes not apply to browsing lightly, insisting that the viewer focus on the details and not be distracted, otherwise you just don’t forgive.

Human memory is a unique thing, you can remember complex mathematical formula, or the name of any geographical object with trudnoperevarivaema name, but not remember what they ate yesterday for lunch or what they were doing last Sunday at 15:40. Our memory is selective, she is absolutely amazing sistematizirovat information and outputs it in a matter of seconds if we need it. She is able to share information on need and do not need to store it long-term or short-term.

Now imagine that in your brain something went wrong and your memory no longer hold the information. She remembers something from the “Department for long-term storage”, but access to the “division of short-term storage” is permanently closed. You Wake up one morning in a strange place, not knowing how you got there and not remembering what brought you here.

In this situation the film’s protagonist Leonard in the performance of guy Pearce. However, Leonard did not lose memory, he remembers the wife and the day she died, remembers that she was raped and murdered. And now he was overcome by a thirst for vengeance, he must find the man who took his calm and happy life. His “notebook” to record facts about the killer, he gathers the grains to identify the identity of the offender becomes his own body! This is understandable, because the papers always get lost and disappear (o_o).

I, unfortunately, can’t call a game, guy Pierce is brilliant, but the matter is not in it. There is a special kind of films that should keep on acting, and there are films whose captivating stories are completely “pulled” by itself game of actors. “Memento” is such a film, being possessed of curiosity and waiting for the next scene, completely forget to appreciate the acting.

Summing up I will say that the movie is unplayable. Together with the hero of the film you will go through the most dark corners of his memory and of memories, where memories are left, will begin the reality and the reality of it and manifest the truth. That’s just whose truth is truer?

9 out of 10

New review: Remember 30.07.2017

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