New review: Remember, remember! 31.07.2016

There are plenty of movies about how characters switching bodies, here’s another one.

In the story, a completely different girl: Liza and Alena, born in one day, by accident, face, and lose consciousness. At this moment, is a rare astrological phenomenon that contributes to the displacement of their souls into the bodies of each other. And of course, the two Wake up in the hospital and losing my memory.

Lisa is a socialite leading a luxurious lifestyle, but has lost the ability to enjoy simple things. The girl is narcissistic, selfish, bitchy.

Alena is the complete opposite of Lisa, lives with spiritual values, works in the library who wants to play the role of Juliet of Shakespeare’s plays. Modest “Turgenev’s girl”.

In the end, the move Lisa goes to the library, Alena gets into a world of glamour and luxury. Alena wants to take it all back, turns to an astrologer, and learns that tonight at midnight the two girls must be unconscious, in this case, all will fall into place.

Each of the girls in spite of everything, no matter how good someone else’s life, sought to return to his. They each have their own values, their compliance with the standard of living, their desires and dreams, your character.

The plot is no surprise, but I want to mention a good cast (Ludmila Artemyeva, Polina Maksimova, Natalia Medvedeva, Anna Ardova, Konstantin Kryukov, Alexander Demidov).

Turned out easy and a little romantic Comedy. Makes you think about something, the end is a real happy end. You can see a couple of times, a simple plot and nice actors.

8 out of 10

New review: Remember, remember! 31.07.2016

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