New review: Remember that there will be 31.07.2016

Actually it was a joke, but I’m happy at this moment! Hmm, actually as while watching the series.

The series brought me actor John Cho. I admit, initially, I was interested in his acting outside of “Star way”. However, start watching the episodes, I actually forgot that it exists, I just looked at him and worried (why, by the way) as for the other characters.

I’m not going to focus the series on the shelves. Or Braskem boxes (Hmm).

I definitely will tell youif you’re looking for a decent series, where stitched together: the story, setting, music, a pinch of science, car chases, shooting, love this project worth your attention, such a plot you will not find anywhere else, my friend.

You will tear your hair out when watching 16 episodes, will just eat through the lips and nails, looking 22. Your emotions you’ll like it.

Imagine: together assembled a decent cast, decent music, a well — known channel-teletranslation and you found free time. Rather, sit down, switch on and enjoy!

I’m very sorry that I discovered this series only in 2016. I just know that I will read the novel on which it’s all filmed. (Yes, I saw that in your second flash! Joke) And you also read it, because it will not remain indifferent!

Am very sad that the ABC gave the green light next season, as they were extremely low ratings of the show. It is not surprising, viewers in 2009 were not ready for such stories, people’s heads were busy with the Mayan calendar (I bet you remember how everyone was waiting for 22 Dec 2012)

I just make sure, if the project had continued, would have been thwarted plague Kush and just a flurry of positive applause.

10 out of 10

New review: Remember that there will be 31.07.2016

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