New review: Requiem for Mrs. j 26.06.2017

Oh, thank you great and wonderful Internet, and in particular community Balkan Family for what they tell about the impressions of Serbian films. You have no idea how lucky I was to see the film in the Serbian language on the big screen, especially given that Kusturica takes pictures every few years, and other Directors working in Russian cinema practically do not show.

“Requiem for lady Yu” — a real gift for fans of soulful cinema. The genre is tragicomedy, and, I think, do not sin against the truth when I say that no one knows how to remove funny to sad as our brothers with postyugoslavia space. The main heroine of the film is Helen, widowed a year ago woman approaching retirement age. In connection with the death of her husband, she remains in a deep depression, and even the fact that she has two daughters, one of which sticks like crazy to support his family, and the second still goes to school, does not change her decision to take her own life on the anniversary of a spouse. However, the reality is not so simple, and a miracle, but it is inhuman bureaucratic machine creates a lot of obstacles before making a desperate move.

This, of course, laughter through tears, and how painfully familiar sitting in queues to obtain a certificate that will allow you to obtain another certificate, and so on to infinity. Sometimes it seemed that it was shot somewhere in the backwoods in Russia — our people and the reality of what is happening are really very similar. Before the implementation of the plan and Helena have to talk to the painter funeral home who will explain to her that on the tombstone of a husband and a wife should look at each other (“You do not want your husband looking at the hypermarket until you look at it?”), a family friend, who will tell you a painless way to go (though it is doubtful that doctors in some country patients prescribed amphetamines and barbiturates), a set of office organizations, where, sitting in the queue, the woman will hear a lot of advice in the spirit of “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and finally — with former colleagues from the factory, for free continue to work in the bankrupt company. Busy with his desperate plan, Elena throws his family and lives and exists, but what is especially sad for the daughters, stop to sing since the death of her husband. Ends all balkanski colorful, soulful and good, and the final scene, which carries only light, however, breaks through a tear.

“Requiem for lady Yu” is not only a film about the search for meaning after heavy losses, not only on the narrow-mindedness and obsession with their grief. This painting is like a cross-section of modern Serbia, beautiful country, poor but proud people, who, like everywhere, want to live humanly and happily, with strong families are not without problems, but with a solid rod. Again, that’s just like Russia. Just makes me shiver.

It was nice to see again Mirjana Karanovic, familiar to many in the film Kusturica, she long ago took its place in viewer’s heart thanks to the extraordinary talent. All the actors in the film played at the height of 93 minutes of a little life lived, not fictional stories. I was very touched by everything happening on the screen, and the humor in the film is simply incomparable.

This film gives hope. After a bereavement it is really difficult to gather, though, thank God, not all accept such radical solutions as Elena. You just have to hold on, to be with friends and find new meanings. And to watch such wonderful films.

“Rouge gleam on those Muslim Draghi
For those usne on TA pogled good…”

9 out of 10

New review: Requiem for Mrs. j 26.06.2017

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