New review: Resident evil: the final Chapter 28.09.2017

Director Paul W. S. Anderson I love since childhood, because it gave the movie that I love “Mortal Kombat“. Second its resounding success was an excellent horror film about zombies called “Resident evil“. First, this part is already iconic, and of course, she’s the best. When I was a child I saw it for the first time, she captivated my imagination, it seemed very interesting and thrilling movie.

What is interesting is that British Director Anderson took the best from all parts of the series first, and then all by myself and spoiled the fourth and fifth film. The second and third “Resident evil” was removed already or it, and to be honest, I like them. No as good as the first film, but bad not.

Just bad can be called a fourth and fifth film, which was removed and returned to the Director’s chair Paul W. S. Anderson. I do not like them, and for me they spoiled the impression about the history of Alice and Umbrella.

After learning about the release of the fifth movie called “the Last Chapter“, I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary but was nostalgic and wanted to see something interesting. After watching this last movie, I want to say that he is as questionable as the previous two parts.

We see Alice, the last hope of humanity in a battle with horrible zombie and salvation of all mankind. The heroine will come together with a variety of allies and will fight against the countless dead and the horrible umbrella Corporation…

It seems such a huge budget film, this Chapter returned all three friends of the actor Iain Glen, Ali Larter and, most importantly, Milla Jovovich, everything is so cool shot, so many special effects and battles, that’s not so with this movie? Looks all rotten and force myself to watch. All led by the nostalgia for the once any earlier films, but it was so long ago.

The fact that the lost grip. In the direction in which starred 4 and 5 the film is any good would not have happened. And so it happened. The sixth film turned mediocre and the entrance — one time watch and forget. Film scale, and lures, but I will not say that I would be upset not seeing this part.

It looked all waiting for something, so wanted to give the Director something surprised and returned the feeling that was felt during the first viewing of the film itself, but it was not. “The last Chapter” exactly the same level as the fourth and fifth movie, which is a pity.

Resident evil: the final Chapter” — doubtful, fiction Thriller with elements of horror and exina 2016. This movie Paul W. S. Anderson is comparable to tasteless candy that you chew, chew and then spit out. Refer to this picture neutral, somewhere between “Yes” and “no”.

5 out of 10

New review: Resident evil: the final Chapter 28.09.2017

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