New review: return of the tall blond 11.10.2017

Adapting your own play, and third-party novel that needs a great cinematography, the brilliant French playwright Francis Veber finally began writing a full script that was not based on other works, and was aimed solely at the filming process of creation, absolutely not constrained to any framework. Entitling his work “the High blonde in black Shoe”, Weber became interested with him Pierre Richard, a brilliant young comedian, gradually climbing to stardom. The actor has already began to form his classic image of lucky klutz, able with one hand to furnish the most dangerous opponents, and he liked adventurous script by Weber, who, it seemed, was created directly under the playing style of Richard. Pursuing a promising project with a lot of edits and improvements, Weber joined forces with another equally talented filmmaker, whom became the Director Yves Robert, speaking as a full Director of “the Tall blond with one black Shoe”. Trying to saturate every minute of the timing of certain jokes and glitzy entertainment finds, the filmmakers have achieved unprecedented success and without much thought took the assets that gave them the story of a simpleton who became a bargaining chip in the internal confrontation of special services.

Ribbon Weber and Robert show great results in a cash rental, and even managed to get backstage of the Soviet Union, to successfully ride on its territory. And even stubborn Hollywood, which considers itself the Mecca of world cinema, took the adventure of violinist Francois Perrin, in order, over time, to adapt them to their unique realities. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the “Tall blonde in black Shoe” ended on a positive note, his story left too much unsaid that was necessary to close. And as soon as possible, because changing the viewer could forget about the Perrin, which threatened the sequel to the hypothetical failure. For the time laying aside all party Affairs, Weber and Perrin sat down at the writing continued, and it is worth noting that the joint work has led to instant results. The outline of the “Return of the tall blond” rather quickly turned into a full-fledged text, and now, two years after the first release of Perrin on stage appeared in theaters the second Chapter of adventures of a violinist, which is in no way inferior to the original. The work on the sequel only the most positive impact on my novels, because neither Weber nor Robert have not yet managed to squander their good ideas, zapolleoniv their “return of the tall blond” to the eyeballs.

So, the story takes place approximately three months after Colonel Louis Toulouse (Jean Rochefort) managed to deal with his excessively ambitious Deputy, Milan (Bertrand Blier), and for a time was able to feel safe. However, in place presumptuous of Milan unexpectedly showed up the captain of Cambrai (Michelle Duchaussoy), meticulous investigator who is sure that the death of the Deputy of Toulouse occurred on a strictly written script of the Colonel, and the famous violinist françois Perrin (Richard) is just a figurehead does not possess the skills of a special agent. Having infected with such ideas of the Minister, Cambrai getting closer to Toulouse and has no intention of letting him out of my sight. And yet so skilful functionary of intelligence, Colonel, never gives up. Even when it seems that there is no way out of Toulouse manages to slip out of the trap and act as the absolute winner. But this time the situation is not so simple, as Toulouse have drawn closer to Perrin, and this according to custom threatens unpredictable consequences. With incredible luck, Perrin is constantly moving away from certain destruction that does not suit the Colonel. and then he has no choice but to play a full game for Cambrai farce and still try to send hateful oaf Perrin to the light.

Developing the story of spy games sharp Comedy character, Francis Veber for sure didn’t know what one of the finished film, it will be possible to create a duologue, but he left in the original script many clues in order for the sequel was completely logical and did not cause a sense of artificiality. “Return of the tall blond” gently grows out of the first part and it seems as if both films were filmed one after the other. The sequel is in no way distracting from the style of the history plays by the same rules and knows what direction to lead the story to the viewer is not raising your eyebrows in disbelief. Leaving the confrontation between Toulouse and Milan in the past, the creators have come up with for a sequel no less vetchinova opponent for the chief of counterintelligence, because the whole story revolves around the blond’s insidious plans of Louis of Toulouse, refusing to surrender their weapons and documents, giving way to competitors. And this time Weber and Robert put up against the Colonel are not less interesting character, whom was the captain of Cambrai. Unwavering disciplinarian, who feels the catch everywhere, Toulouse has become surprisingly challenging. To cope with the enemy, the Colonel will have more time to show his genius imagination, but now in the active phase of the game is already entering Perrin, albeit late, but learned what kind of trouble he had to join.

Pleased that “the Return of the tall blond” got back all the main actors from the original movie with the exception of Bertrand Blier, for obvious reasons, no longer able to return to Milan. Since the filming of the first part, the popularity of Pierre Richard in the audience began to reach its climax, but the actor completely lost his head, but rather saw in such incendiary attention to his own person the power to develop talent and to delight the audience fresh creative discoveries. Of course, in the way Francois Perrin Richard has not shown any special experiments, but his amazing plastic and the ability to seem naive squirt continues to be only positive emotions. Sometimes, of course, Richard bend the bar, which it fairly can be accused of excessive gestures and the absolute stupidity of the actions, and yet in this scene as “the Return of the tall blond” his signature style was to the point. On the background of cold-blooded Jean Rochefort and fatal beauty, I learned of the Dark Richard looks completely alien element, but the style of the actor and his creative patron of Weber involves the game of contrasts. Striking than the protagonist stands out above the mass, the better it is for the plot and the General atmosphere of the production. Some viewers refuse to admit the game Richard, considering it nothing more than a crazy absurd, but it has its charm, through which almost all comic films have become classics of French cinema at all times.

In the end I want to say that “return of the tall blond,” fine continued the story of Francois Perrin and showed that the espionage confrontation will not end until MEAs long as on the Board still at least one enemy piece. Francis Veber in the company with Yves Robert and Pierre Richard have put a bit pointless, but charming and dynamic spectacle, always able to cheer up and how to amuse.

10 out of 10

New review: return of the tall blond 11.10.2017

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