New review: return to sender 08.06.2017

Movies that have themes such as “home invasion”, “rape” and “revenge” I like, so once I come across like paintings, do not miss the opportunity to see them; accidentally my eye caught this movie literally from the trailer lured me. And without losing too much time, I started viewing.

The plot of the film develops gradually, we observe the life is crazy cute girl Miranda, who works in the hospital, she has a loving father, good friends and dream of becoming a surgeon, but by coincidence, her plans fall apart; it becomes morally difficult, she became very nervous and restless. This, of course, to be expected after experiencing rape.

With actress Rosamund pike (the main heroine) I’m meeting for the first time and I really liked her acting, but unfortunately her character is not fully exposed, as though the character of the actor Shiloh Fernandez (the rapist William). In my opinion and perception, it is strongly repelled from himself, too confident, with a pretty face, you bastard. Very impressed with actor Nick Nolte (the father of the protagonist Mitchell), who so stunningly conveyed all their feelings and emotions to the viewer that silently pass him and say nothing, would be foolish.

The film is a mix of genres of Thriller and drama, which in themselves cannot leave the viewer indifferent to what is happening on the screen. But, unfortunately, the reality has surpassed all my expectations and after watching the movie, my face was frustration and bewilderment. As such, the Thriller in the feed appears in the plot of the story and its outcome, all other actions is a life drama main character.

It is the complication of emotions feelings for the heroine’s feelings for her father; it was after all this time, when the father enters the home of his daughter, tears welling, is a lump in my throat, it was then a happy life Miranda smoothly into the drama and subsequent actions caused a complete lack of understanding of her actions.

5 out of 10

New review: return to sender 08.06.2017

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