New review: Riverdale 23.06.2017

I will be as brief as possible.

Just note that that this series has been made based on the popular comic book about Archie — I only found out after watching the last series. Accordingly, I do not compare the series with the comics.

Riverdale is a story about life of high school students in a mysterious town off the map of the United States. The fictional city in a fictional space and time. I note that despite the fact that the era depicted in the series, reminiscent of our days, the Director has minimized the number of episodes involving smartphones and tablets. Unlike today’s youth, the heroes of the stories often do not use the gadgets.

The plot is well thought out from the first series to the last. While watching the murder of Jason, everyone’s a suspect.

The acting, surprisingly, on top. Surprised Cole Sprous with his acting, despite the long inactive.

As for the future of the series “Riverdale”? CW focus on audience that is ready to eat almost everything. CW already tried several times to start the drama about wealthy students, but only “Gossip girl” has achieved success. Perhaps this time, CW will not allow the mistakes of the past, and the writers will continue to sustain the bar in the pilot episode… then, perhaps, the crown of the head “Spleeny” move in “Riverdale”.

10 out of 10

New review: Riverdale 23.06.2017

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