New review: Robin hood 11.10.2017

Ridley Scott is considered one of the greatest Directors in film history. He proved to be a very versatile author who never afraid to experiment with genres. But the greatest glory he has acquired while working towards fantastic and historical films. The latter applies to this tape. Exactly Ridley Scott is at the origin of the revival of the historical genre. Remembering the past achievements of the Director, we were entitled to expect a spectacular and epic movie, but the picture came out quite controversial and received mixed reviews.

The film is based on legends about Robin hood. The legendary Archer has become an integral part of English folklore. His image was repeatedly used in the world culture. About it wrote books, staged theatrical productions, movies and TV series. However, it’s not boring, but because figures of world cinema, continue to film the adventures of noble forest brigand. Sir Ridley Scott introduced the unconventional take on the popular tale. The script was rewritten to be more in line with the author’s conception of cult Director. Initially, the story was built around the exploits of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was the main acting figure, but this version was rejected. A pity, now I would love to read this version.

This is mostly the history of the formation of the thief on that fateful path, before he decided to Rob the rich and give to the poor. And to be honest, I would prefer to see a more traditional look. The Director went the other way and took a rather banal movie where there’s almost no dramatic line. The film lacks the depth of thought. The characters are poorly disclosed, copyright of creativity is almost there, but without this tape looks crude. To repeat the success of “Gladiator” alas failed.

In visual terms the picture looks great. Battle scenes of battles is done very skillfully and competently. Unfortunately, not enough of sparkling humor inherent in the ballad of Jolly Rover. The desire to make a complex pattern with serious problems played a cruel joke with the filmmakers. Tape crowded with unnecessary pathos and morality. But because the film is beautiful and spectacular, but the strong impression does not produce.

Russell Crowe in the role of a noble Archer produces a great game. It does not match the typical image of English fairy tales. His character is fair, courageous, brave hero, former army Archer, completely changed my opinion. Interesting, but far from the best the role of a famous actor. Unfortunately the rest of the cast is not particularly memorable. Cate Blanchett, Oscar Isaac and mark strong are excellent performers, but their characters are standard and the characters are not developed.

Robin hood is a very mixed opinion on the cult of the hero. On the one hand it is a beautiful, exciting historical Thriller with elements of drama, and on the other a very standard movie that is unimpressive and not deposited in the memory. However, once you can see it.

6 out of 10

New review: Robin hood 11.10.2017

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