New review: rocky 17.06.2017

Boxing is a sport of brave people, persistent, strong in body and spirit. Such a becoming, but is born? What did the role of the boxer rocky — the role, which became one of the highest peaks in the career of Sylvester Stallone.

In the beginning of the film who is rocky. In the beginning of the film shows a Boxing match that rocky earns his bread. He returned home in the evening, passing by the common people, basking by the fire, it is the same as they are. The coming home at night in a modest apartment. And the day comes. How he spends his leisure time: walks into the store with the birds. Goes through the city. The situation in the city is familiar and conventional. These places where ordinary people live — the descendant of which is rocky. On the street a gray weekday. Rocky walks down the sidewalk. Felt as loneliness and depression. Workout in a conventional gym. A conversation with an older mentor, rocky, and coach, but how he wants to call and see the Manager. Bar where this nation is going to have an off day from work. And on TV there first show boxer legend champion Apollo creed, so distant and unattainable at the time.

Rocky thirty years. Shows like rocky and Adrian, modest and fragile girl in glasses riding on ice, trying to take care of it. They are opposites, which quite harmoniously to complement each other: rocky is more developed physical form than the mind, at Adrian — on the contrary. Whether she is interested in the history of the rocky of Boxing and vivanta finger?

The idea of the film is that Apollo creed — this popular champion decides to give battle, fight with the usual boxer who will be given a chance to change something in life. This goes under the slogan: “America — the land of opportunity, where any ordinary person has the right to chance”. Maybe it’s PR for the Apollo. But the choice falls on rocky. He is given a chance.

Emotional conversation at the apartment of rocky with his mentor, Manager, need assistance, transfer the necessary experience from fifty years of experience as a boxer, but he’s already 76 years old! This is a natural and logical process — to share experience, skills.

So rocky decided to take a chance. He begins training. They are: rise at four in the morning, simple, easy Breakfast. Running along a dark, deserted street. When you train with a punching bag instead of frozen meat. Pushes up on his fists, shakes the press in the normal gym. Running on the street by the same fire, by the common people, part of which he. Climbing the stairs in the predawn hour, which is symbolic.

He invests in training a lot of strength, determination, will. But he does something unreal? Provided that so everyone can. It’s really possible. The main thing is just to do, to train. Perseverance and willpower. But rocky pre-fight doubts, fluctuations after a sleepless night. What will be the outcome of the battle — win? And sad eyes.

The fight itself is shown in this movie in the ending and not such a long time, as in subsequent parts.

In the ring, under the name of rocky “the Italian stallion”. In this adjectives the origins of autobiography of actor Sylvester Stallone. Apollo enters the ring in the image of George Washington — the founding of America.

Himself a Boxing match looks with a voltage, which is transmitted reliably when the excitement stronger. Back both teams to sweat blood. And the look in Adrian. He has already changed the course of the film. And it’s not that she’s without glasses. The fifteenth and last round, which lasted rocky. The outcome will decide it. The round of the fight, which will say:” the most outstanding example of perseverance in the history of Boxing”.

This film, which shows that chance can come to everyone, every it decent, and if that chance fell — so fate decreed — it should be used. Famous people are not always born, they become, due to the personal energy, perseverance, overcoming all doubts and hesitations on the way from the actual action efforts.

9 out of 10

New review: rocky 17.06.2017

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