New review: Romeo must die 29.06.2017

And I liked the movie. Despite the borrowing of a plot from Shakespeare, and so they were full. Shot very beautifully. All these ridiculous staged Chinese fighting, diluted slightly with a bit of humor is just amazing. For them even forget that the main characters are the children of the mafia. There is a particularly striking reaction trish, so astonished at the murders, and earlier, kind of like it about anything did not guess. Clean naive girl.

Cool original find — all sorts of spectacular strikes “fatality” shows “x-ray camera”. For the first time directly goose is impressive. Well, too beautiful, Yes.

Bother logic here is not worth. As the plausibility of the fighting. It’s such a disposable movie. And the level of humor here is not the one to make it to a Comedy. And the actors all played for my taste, very mediocre. The impression is that they are not too annoying, playing the role. Slightly theatricality gives. But watch the film once it is quite worth it.

New review: Romeo must die 29.06.2017

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