New review: Sadistic 03.10.2017

Somehow completely accidentally hit on this film, initially not knowing what’s going to happen. In the course of the story, is quite ordinary, the movie started to drag, despite all the ongoing stupidity and logic, or lack of it as such.

And so, Marty — quit school, not thinking about his future, a good surfer, having interest from girls, but absolutely insecure.

Bobby — friend Marty, with aggressive tendencies, strong, often rude to everyone, saying, oddly enough it was the truth.

I do not know anyone, but based on the plot, nasty and pathetic is just Marty, tired of the teasing from Bobby, but who can’t give “back”. Then Lisa, Marty’s girlfriend says, and not do we kill your friend. And that, oddly enough, agrees. What?? So simple? Throughout the film, as rukalitso never left me until the final. But most importantly, the film is based on real events, which further enters in the bad state. … we’ll deal with Bobby, and along with all the problems that he brings. Brilliant.

The film depicted uneducated teenagers who abuse drugs. Ali, a friend of Lisa’s, gave birth and gave their parents the education, leads a dissolute life. Lisa gets pregnant, it is not clear from whom, Marty or Bobby. And what is most surprising is that this is the only “bully” Bobby plans to attend College and passes tests at a decent valuation. As for me, the sacrifice in the literal and figurative meaning of it.

Yes, I note it’s a good part of the addict Donnie, performed by Michael pitt.

In General, some the movie did not like it, some will it benefit.

God forbid anyone of friends.

“Please, whatever I did, forgive me” — this phrase still will remember for a long time.

10 out of 10

New review: Sadistic 03.10.2017

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