New review: Saints and soldiers: the Void 30.07.2016

Germany, April 1945. “The Russians have taken Berlin,” the paradox is that this is a quote from an American film. In an effort to contribute to the victory over fascism — the armies of Eisenhower making a rush for hundreds of miles, leaving behind scattered groups of the enemy. The result is a large area called “the void” — nobody controlled, with many German ambushes and saboteurs. It is in this ambush gets the convoy soldiers, and then tanks of the US army. Squeezed on all sides well-armed group of Nazis, they decide to take the fight with no hope of reinforcements (since the backup).

Ryan little, known as the Creator of two military-Patriotic drum, “They were soldiers”, once again pleased its fans with a third part (though this time the Russian distributors the reason you left the literal translation of the original: “Saints and soldiers”). The film is extraordinary in many ways in terms of a simple American audience, maybe that’s why he didn’t have much success. The film raises many issues: from the failure of the tactics of the allies, to the absence of any chain of command between commanders and ordinary soldiers, and between soldiers as well. Racial problem with a constant discrimination against black soldiers was the background which was accompanied by almost the entire film. “Get” and the technical side — tankers constantly curse your “tank destroyer M-18, which runs all the time, has problems with the radio (they can’t get in touch with the staff), etc.

Interestingly, in the picture there is virtually no ostentatious pathos, heroism, “the immortal” American soldiers, destroying dozens of Nazis without a single loss in their ranks. On the contrary, the enemy is clever strategist, think every move. Of course, there are times when some German soldiers who realized the inhumanity of their commanders voluntarily surrender, but it’s probably the only time the ubiquitous American cliché. Otherwise a pretty nice movie with a good dose of realism. And if you want to watch a real movie, not another story about the brave “Rambo” — you definitely here.

Some of the actors, the Director filmed in the first part of “They were soldiers”, although they are not Central characters. Pleased with the game Danara K. Gerald in the role of the African-American soldier who has problems with his command.

9 out of 10

New review: Saints and soldiers: the Void 30.07.2016

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