New review: Sawasiray it 12.10.2017

The French character is of particular irony to himself and to the world in which we live. This fantastic feature disarms anyone who tries to impose on the French their view of the world and trying to teach them to live on their own territory.

A feminist of Iranian origin, despite the riots in ‘ 68 the Communist stand side by side with his son, ready for the happiness and freedom even to learn the Qur’an and wear a burka.

Comedy “Sawasiray it” (literal translation “Look for the woman”) is a kind of response to all events associated with the influx of migration and the growth of radical sentiments in society.

Mixing autobiographical facts (according to the Iranian origin of the Director), the rebellious spirit of the French social movements and love of life in all its manifestations With Abadi creates a light and exciting story of the confrontation between humanistic ideas of freedom and a new invasion of barbarism.

It is a pity that the inhabitants of the suburbs of Paris, quite gently ridiculed in the film, is unlikely to see it.

8 out of 10

New review: Sawasiray it 12.10.2017

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