New review: Scam English 16.06.2017

– Guess a riddle: the movie with Brendan Gleeson and Michael Fassbender.
– “Assassin’s creed”
– No. Other.
– “Scam English”
– No.
– I give up.
– “Our debtors”

Undervalued and humiliated the Russian gods of localization, the movie “Trespass Against Us”, with their low valuations and the poster from the film in the style of the VHS era, were pretty good. And yet, he was not a criminal, action Thriller. Brendan Gleeson plays a crime boss, but only an elderly leader of a small ethnic settlements, living almost separately from civilization that promised “organized criminal group” does not agree. The film deals with complex family relationships and the life of the renegades. And instead of the planned “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels”, the Association asks “snatch.”

The main idea boils down to that voiced recently Begbie chic “T2 Trainspotting”: my father is senile, your father is a fool.” What turns the film from a crime Thriller in the semi-criminal social drama, that does not make it bad.

The main reason why this film is not lost in anal cinema, is that it does not have the right film with Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson, to get there. Of course, in this case, the actors work in the film and not Vice versa, it is unlikely that the picture will push their careers somewhere up and down will not let slide the professionalism with which they approach it, not the most prominent for myself, roles.

In the end, it turned out very dry movie. Social orientation, diluted with a small but very energetic chases. Morality, some races, and Fassbender with Gleason. Strange, but it turns out this is enough.

New review: Scam English 16.06.2017

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