New review: School 19.06.2017

It so happened that in the premiere that I was in the age of heroes, and we are currently working as a teacher in the school is far from our capital, and not even in St. Petersburg. And I want to say: no, children are not. There are bad, but they are few, and they are different. In the same “show” picked the worst people and amplify all the bad things in them, they simply ceased to be human.

And the question, for whom is it? For parents? To these eternally worried mom began to check the things their children? So they went with a child 17 years of age to school and back? And what good is that?

If not for parents, then for children. Yeah. Coming home a teenager who can see that school may not, include the series and elementary will be terrified of the abominations that take place there. And if not scared, then will take these people, as a model for behavior.

Life, yeah, she’s not always nice and comfortable, lot of things going on, but it’s not. what you need to focus on all the bad.

New review: School 19.06.2017

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