New review: Scott pilgrim vs. the world 26.09.2017

This is a great action Comedy for personal viewing, and I would even recommend to watch it with a girl, because this is a very romantic movie with the youth lively atmosphere, fast installation, high-quality special effects and… even wonder how using these directorial decisions and successful experiments the film manages to convey morals, some deep philosophy.

Because in the end this incredible cocktail of action, gags and good music leads the viewer to think about the realism in the relationships of ordinary people…

In fact it could be an ordinary story about teenage love – but that’s HOW it sounds comic and THAT, AS SHOWN by Director Edgar Wright — just an explosion of emotions.

Yes, the film is unlikely to appeal to the older generation because it is too dynamic, sharp and energetic, in addition, there are a lot of fights and loud music. But for young people is a film which you must watch!

I personally liked the movie, I’m genuinely surprised that not seen it before, sure I’ll reconsider, of course 10 out of 10 Bravo Edegra Wright.

New review: Scott pilgrim vs. the world 26.09.2017

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