New review: Sensation! 08.06.2017

Sensation is the popular Japanese magazine, showcasing modern pop stars, politicians mildly” uncomfortable in the light” periodically rising to the surface of their intimate details. Among the staff of the magazine, one of the most arrogant, but hardworking attitude Shizuoka in Miyakonojo, a kind of Dr. house just out of the world of the paparazzi. Smug, misanthropic, sexually promiscuous and with a complete lack of tact, which is not stinted to any methods that would qualitatively do their job. At one point, the Director puts in to help the young and inexperienced Nobi Namekawa, the girl in all respects more “green” and not knowing all of the working methods of journalism. And with mentor it will comprehend all aspects of this profession.

A journalist’s job involves not only interesting, but also very laborious, resourceful, and sometimes even kind of “dirty” activities, often, the risk to life is great and the reporter. This tape clearly demonstrates some interesting combinations and nuances robots paparazzi, making it similar to the work of the police with their agents and information. But the pursuit of rare and exclusive the scenes can often have tragic consequences..

In “Sensation,” directed by Hitoshi Ohe, I’d like to focus on the cast, primarily highlighting the main cast: Masaharu Fukuyama and Fumi Nikaido. They literally fit in the role of an experienced journalist-gouging and a young girl interns. And of course the chemistry of their relationship, it would be very interesting to watch. Also note, Riri and actor Frankie. His character, a drug addict and informant-based Shizuoka will play a role in the development of the painting. But what… find out for yourself

7 out of 10

New review: Sensation! 08.06.2017

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