New review: sense and sensibility 08.06.2017

1995-1996 — very good for the film adaptations of Jane Austen’s works. Films such as “Pride and prejudice” (in CH role: Colin Firth, Jennifer El), “Emma” (with Gwyneth Paltrow) and the option “Sense and sensitivity” — are a shining example of good productions of classic works.

If you analyze the “Mind and sense” in detail, comparing with the book, it is possible to find a number of inconsistencies with the original, or rather, the lack of some characters. Beating them in the party so as not to delay the timing, the filmmakers haven’t lost, beating everything so that the bugs (read the book) seem insignificant in comparison with the big picture. Because it is impossible not to praise the writer.

Speaking of the setting, the ambiance, the scenery, the costumes and sets are all observed according to the traditions of the nineteenth century. And the characters of the film, whose images were embodied perfectly brilliant actors, are so good, do not go to any comparison with characters from other adaptations of “Sense and sensitivity”.

Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman — the best performers of their roles. Elinor Emma Thompson is the most restrained and practical, strong and at the same time, sensual woman; more passionate and passionate Marianne, than Kate Winslet, you cannot see anywhere else; nobody was better able to convey the natural modesty and diffidence of Edward, except for Hugh Grant, and of course the best (or correct) Colonel Brandon in the performance of Alan Rickman. Only to him, with a minimum of words, has managed to silently convey a bouquet of conflicting emotions that are seemingly impossible to convey only one facial expression and gaze. Christopher Brandon Rickman — the true gentleman who loves quietly and faithfully, not rushing the words, but no less fervently than any other womanizer-romantic. All those heroes, wrote about Jane Austen.

In conclusion, not to mention the musical accompaniment, which characterizes the positive side of not only adaptation, but also the whole cinemerit 90 years, when even in the movies category “B”, you could admire the soundtrack.

Before us is a film with a great performance, script, actors and music, which together produces a quality product for a great pastime!

Pleasant viewing!

New review: sense and sensibility 08.06.2017

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