New review: shadowhunters 30.07.2017

Probably the most important thing in this series that he embodies all of vanilla dream of a teenager devoid of imagination. I’m at the stage 2х17 so that the opinion about the series developed a complete and, frankly, extremely negative.


The first thing I note is mariusnet the main character Clary, that in every important mission, talks, legend, relationship is the center of the universe. Starting from the fact that all the guys fall in love without exception, want to be with her or feel a strange sympathy even from the first minute Dating to do exactly what she says. Probably under her spell did not hit only the characters are gay. At Claire’s all the cool abilities, she is incredibly special and capable.

If you touch acting, Katherine McNamara is clearly not enough experience. The dramatic moments are more like the definition of grief, excitement, empathy, but lack of that tragedy and the depth that is expected from the character. In this case any words about justice and the implementation of the plan rather look like stubbornness and moodiness to go one below the other pulled up to do as she wants. Insincerity is felt throughout the building logic of the plot.

The second main character Jace is my favorite character, when was 14 years old. Strong, confident fighter who supports this is a bit womanizer. And these characters look nice from afar, not drawing them early in the relationship with the heroine. It was trying to portray, but with each series the jays less and less adhere to the original integrity and image. All beliefs rather flimsy collapse under the onslaught of the GG, even without good reasons and arguments. In all, there is no compromise, but only “black” and “white”, which is in constant opposition.

Their friends brother and sister Alexander and Isobel if in the first season was a center, and they formed such a super four, the further they moved into the category of minor characters who are constantly either busy side missions (the typical American cinema: find out the relationship, are struggling in one series of psychological problems, constant problems “false-true”, etc.) And, in fact, their line now exists as a background or filler, and the main role of their fate came down to support the ideas of the main character, which constantly need help. Was a crucial moment, when Izzie came to Clary to complain, and she cries and no one, in fact, have not voiced any feelings for the main character some grief.

I note that Alec’s terrible acting. His character is not particularly psychologically complex: a Martinet who believes in the law and your institution. If you are already a soldier, where the posture and the hardness in her eyes and actions, constant doubt and throwing.

Izzy also is a beautiful object on the screen. Such a sultry brunette who rather flippantly starts a connection with the characters never become basic. It’s fun to watch and I note that complaints about the game there. But actually she has quite a bit of text.

The only character who is like Simon. Nerd, four-eyes, who eventually becomes cool and desirable, but kinder and more interesting Jess. His game is somewhat tense, though not a hero in the stress, and the actor himself. Stupid long replica, which should hint at the gab, more like a tongue Twister with no real reason. Besides, this is the hero whose problems are generally not interesting to anyone. And each time he has to ask his “friends” for help.

About other characters does not make sense to say because they are added with each series.

Changes of the first and second seasons.

In the second season put a bit more money, but still left it’s much cheaper than the previous one. If the first season looked to the screen just below the level of True Blood: loved swords, costumes(even depraved), heroes, wonder makeup, the decorations were more “mundane” thus realistic, etc. Then in the second season created explicitly decided to listen to the audience and made closer to the book (judging by reviews). The heroine is now wearing some vague clothing type jeans, jacket, all faded colors, the curls on his head. The way Jess has also undergone changes that seem clearly illogical. In the first season, the clothes looked more suitable for fights, battles, missions, swords were shining, and though now sunk into the stone age and reached a metal sword in the fight with the demons, plus jackets like concerts oldovyh rockers.

Related items

No memorable soundtrack, the music in the highlights more like at a cheap parody of the more impressive series.

The scenery is extremely cheap, it is clear that stained glass is the paint on the glass, poor quality clothing. The runes in the first season dealt with a pencil on the body, and the second is like a tattoo, but it is unclear why they are scattered around the body. Looks very unnatural, sorry. It is unclear how in this tech-savvy center is still no specific equipment needed in the work. The whole environment, the work of the center if focused on solving bureaucratic problems, and jobs go only heroes.

Overall impression:

I will write here some advantages. Still, the series brought about if fanfics ordinary girl caught in extraordinary circumstances and became so special that this is the right company just can not ignore.

But this is still a growing negativity. It’s more like an immature assessment of reality, personalities, circumstances, and desire to feel “in control” when adults are dancing to the tune of a teenager, listen to his opinion etc.

3 out of 10

I finally can watch something where the heroine lacks personality and is easier to associated with them. But I can’t say that someone recommend this to watch.

New review: shadowhunters 30.07.2017

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