New review: Shame 22.06.2017

I have been putting off this review just because I didn’t know how to describe all that I felt and thought while watching this show.

The first time I heard about it was not too successful – there was a vote for pairing from a Scam and from the TV series the Twilight hunters and the Scum obviously won. I’m not pleased at all, and I from harm did not become interested in the winner.

But then I still decided to see what a Shame that his characters are so actively vote for the people. Moreover, the Norwegian cinema for me has remained as distant as Norway.

In the end, the night I watched all 3 seasons. The fourth had not yet left.

And you know I like. Despite the fact that I’m no longer a student.

In the series raised, I believe, the questions are not for children, but rather adults, are faced by every adult and not very people-friendship, love, choice, hate, jealousy, envy, condemnation of others, the wrong choice, alienation, attraction to their same sex, unlike others, questions of religion, faith, orientation, and many others. And heroes like it or not, you have to solve them, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But in the toga wins friendship, truth and honor. And it’s nice to see. Young people have the right and should have the right guidance and know how to do the right thing, and how not.

Now briefly about the seasons:

The first season.

An ordinary girl, not the best behavior, though clever, clarifies the relationship with the boy, who let’s say isn’t worth it. So in any way. I’ve seen plenty in real life.

Second season.

I’m still not a fan of melodramas, I have seen enough in a regular movie. Besides, nothing new I haven’t seen before. Although William is very catchy character, and no less charismatic than Evan, but for me personally, what it lacks in order for him to go.

Third season.

Here I got stuck. This season has been for me a revelation, a window into another world, or not to say. The intrigue, the difficulty of understanding, first love, and in man, the awareness of being different, doubts, passion, adaptation among peers, accept or not, and finally trust yourself and your choices to another person-not the most reliable, but desperately in need of love and understanding that he is not Alone. Now more about the characters.

Unfortunately I only caught this season, which shows the relationship of Isaac, and Evan.

Therefore, I will describe these two. Of course, besides them, in the series there are other persons, not less worthy of attention.

For example, feminist Nur or Muslim Sana. Or the same Magnus, friend Isaac, which in my opinion is undervalued ka character-he is very wise for his years, many of which understands and can explain to friends.

He is also very friendly and straightforward, not always thinking what he says, and sometimes it looks funny:)

Isaac (Tarjei Sandvik Moe).

Don’t know why but this character reminds me of the character Brian O’donnell Stiles Stilinski from the show teen Wolf. Not only externally but also character, demeanor, his suspiciousness, desire to obtain approval of their actions from others. He’s also cheerful, positive, has a great sense of humor, loyal to his friends, and although he doesn’t always tell them the truth, he is always ready to support any of their ideas.

And yet it is quite controversial and difficult, but it becomes clear at once.

Evan (Henrik Holm).

The third-year student, to study in the same University as Isaac. Tall, blond, very handsome, charismatic as hell, and produces an irresistible impression on anyone who meets. Smokes weed.

The series has become very popular in the United States, Russia, and why France, which can not but rejoice. The country is still very critical if not to say aggressive, tuned to sex. minorities still do a little but a step toward civility and tolerance.

There is another reason to watch this series – there are amazing soundtracks. Another reason why you should watch this series if you do not like the plot, so at least enjoy the music.

New review: Shame 22.06.2017

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