New review: sharknado 3 28.07.2016

You know, I recently stumbled on the third part of this “masterpiece”, no good ratings, no famous actors, no normal story. And the plot just did this, the main characters have to survive from the flying sharks flying around the city. And as always, have all died, except the main character.

From the whole film I liked only the opening credits, under pretty bad music, well, maybe a couple of moments, all. All the actors are bad, Yes, bad, characters are stupid, the special effects are just awful, and the most stupid in the movie, well, probably the same ending. Damn, but we are waiting for the fourth part, I certainly see the continuation of this “masterpiece” will not, especially, I and this part barely finished watching after 40 minutes of the movie, I was ready to sleep.

Film after 25 minutes is just boring, impossible to watch, the actors play bad, no good, well, the more normal character, spetseffekty just terrible, I understand that the budget of the movie is not so great, the film is, well, on TV especially, but still, they’re terrible. Stupid things in the movie as complete, the ending surprised me, a fun way to space out there.

From the film, the good, probably still the opening credits with the music and everything, just fucking this story, terrible special effects, one can see that didn’t try, the acting is bad, not a good character, silly things. I honestly don’t know, the movie might be like the average viewer, no more, the film is boring, the first 25 minutes, okay, and then I watched this “masterpiece” to the end. Damn, if the continuation will be the same bad reviews, scores, watch I certainly will not, after all, especially after the third part it is unlikely that anything good will come of it.

2 out of 10

New review: sharknado 3 28.07.2016

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