New review: Sherlock Holmes 09.06.2017

A Lord Blackpool, caught by Holmes and executed by hanging, was able, contrary to the belief of one of riasanovsky characters to make a fake rope that ran right up from the grave. To penetrate into the mystical secrets have Holmes well, Watson, too, of course.

Guy Ritchie, after a series of relative failures in the cinema and personal life (next to Madonna, any man will feel deficiencies) suddenly sprang (it’s amazing that the producers trusted him with a decent budget) and gave one of the best entertainmenthow decades. Mix and shake retrofuturism, the motives of sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Anglo-Saxon humor and adventurism, which actually deductive left a bit, Richie created nearly exemplary adventure attraction. Your Luggage in the form of fist fights and crazy editing and effects too stuck, and instead of the pitt lead singer of iron guy Robert Downey, Jr., passing on the verge of silly ironic genius.

p.s. It seems that followed and caused enthusiasm TV series Sherlock is secondary in relation to novels Ritchie. Just me?

New review: Sherlock Holmes 09.06.2017

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