New review: Side effect 10.06.2017

Emily had everything a house, a car, a yacht, a rich and handsome husband. Life was just a beautiful dream, and then this story ended. Husband behind bars, dinky job, a date in prison. No wonder she was depressed. Yes, that’s only with the release of her husband, the disease worsened, she tried to commit suicide. Here in the hospital she meets Dr. Jonathan. Wanting to help his patient, he prescribes her a very unusual pills that have side effects.

This wonderful film will perevertyshi, because originally the character Emily (great game Rooney Mara) seems to us to be “wounded bird” tender, helpless, sick. At the end of the film we see a completely different person, changing its appearance of the doctor and Jonathan (a marvelous Jude law, even praise is not necessary and so all is clear), it is not necessary to believe in this image of a helpless weakling. The film is very enjoyable and interesting, it is not boring, which is often typical of similar films, it is a shooter (though he’s hardly visible). The painting has its own mood, and the port he did not wound the longing, at least at the beginning of the depression of the main character and shown very plausible. A little confused by how quickly a family doctor left it in such a difficult period of life, and as soon as his wife began to see him as paranoid, and not her husband, but it is a trifle. Of Channing Tatum in the film very little, so his fans might be very upset, but with the role he coped well, experienced a lot of pity for him. He was the image of the perfect husband, wanting to do everything for his wife and support her all what he could, at the time of his death shiver ran down his back. The film is mandatory viewing if you like movies like “Trance” or “Remember.” By the way the time of the last consultation between Dr. Jonathan and Emily, surprisingly, although it is not free to think who is really sick.

Almost forgot.

9 out of 10

New review: Side effect 10.06.2017

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