New review: Silence 29.09.2017

Obviously, “Silence” is a film not to a mass audience. Its just as dangerous to recommend to view how to raise the subject of religion in conversations.

Sitting in the cinema waiting for the light to go out, wondered who goes to see such movies? I was not able to persuade someone to go to the movies, so I went alone. Sat next to the guys-nerds ahead of a couple of forty, three students behind — the contingent is different. And, apparently, the audience “Silence” is not only believers or ardent fans of art-house.

I went, primarily because of the Director. Martin Scorsese — an outstanding person in the film who gave us such brilliant films as “Taxi driver”, “shutter Island”, “the Departed” and many others. In his new work that the Director was prepared to trade nearly twenty-five years, he refers to topics of faith and moral choice. The action takes place in Japan in the 17th century. Two young priests from Portugal sent them to a foreign country to preach Christianity and to find his teacher, neverovskogo home.

Picture heavy, realistic and controversial. While watching ask a lot of difficult questions and see how strong may be the faith and love of God. I like a man still far from religion, I saw “Silence” with great interest, never looking at his watch. Work few recalled “Unbroken”, which took the infamous Jolie, but perhaps the comparison is not quite correct. The picture Scorsese is much stronger and better, and with “Unbroken” makes him only the subject of the conflict of West and East (and even charismatic, but the cruel Japanese).

Impressed with the acting of Garfield and Driver. At first I followed even back in 2011 after the release of “the Social network”, but then podostyl, and now we have discovered it anew. I confess I doubted in the abilities of Andrew, but he really just hit, and nominated for various awards, definitely well deserved. Driver I have never seen before (Yes, I watched “Star wars”), so this work will push me to fill this gap.

Again, to advise anyone I don’t dare. Friend noticed that this will go on only such a “hipshot” I, I, in turn, will not agree and I noticed that no one from the audience while watching out. And when I turned on the light in the hall, no one spoke. Even the music is not played during the credits. A few seconds, all just sitting there, and there was complete silence.

8 out of 10

New review: Silence 29.09.2017

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