New review: Silver bullet 20.06.2017

In whom it is possible to shoot a bullet cast from silver?
For example, in the werewolf.

The great horror Directors sometimes create far from horror. Sometimes removed and the newcomers who are just starting their way in the movie. That “Silver bullet” shot by a young Director Daniel Attison who never shot a second of film, finding themselves in the production of TV series. I don’t know how talents of Attias on television, because I basically do not watch soap operas, but in the movie, he created perhaps the most unusual film about a werewolf.

First, let’s say that most Stephen king film adaptation is not much, and criticized her at every corner, not forgetting to remember the “good” word, even in the Preface to the book “Storm of the century”. It would therefore be correct to consider this film out of touch with the work of the king, though he himself is a screenwriter.

Daniel Attias was placed in the center of the story of a child who doesn’t feature something special among his peers, unless that is disabled. He is played by Corey Haim, talented and early deceased actor, who in his adulthood had no such role, which received in childhood. So the film is like a nostalgic recollection of the grown-up Jane, Marty’s sister, about a remarkable event from my childhood. Daniel Attias not without reason introduced the figure of the narrator, thus creating a temporary distance. Events associated with a werewolf, are long gone, certainly no one in town did not even remember about them, and only the memory of the grown-up child keeps them, as a mark of his own life, which road exactly what occurred in the period of growing up. Wonderful actor Gary busey, who often got the role of all the villains, plays here positive role of uncle red, the eccentric inventor who has remained a child at heart than probably liked Marty. His hero is not averse to fool around and have pobedonosetc, unlike the right of parents Marty and Jane, a typical representative of the middle class, but at the same time truly loves his nephews, and therefore helps them in the investigation of mysterious deaths. For Marty the werewolf is just another adventure. He didn’t realize the danger coming from him. For Marty it was just a game, like one of those pranks that he and his buddy staged on the sister. At the same time, this is a game where builds character, Matures the mind, it becomes obvious that the most important thing is family, for the love and help of friends — the right weapon before the evil of this world, even in the guise of a werewolf.

In “Silver bullet” surprisingly harmonious as the first and second plan. This is the rare horror film where there are no superfluous characters, all the characters are remembered, be it a very clever gunsmith, or old drunkard Arnie Chain, a railroad worker, first victim of the werewolf, played by the venerable actor James Gammon. And hardly just a multi-layered horror film in which every viewer sees something different, and for someone like me, with this film, which I saw as a child, began a love of werewolves. And this film hasn’t screened for the audience more recognized paintings of Joe Dante and John Landis. “Silver bullet”, perhaps, and not too warmly would be with them sitting on mount Olympus werewolf-horror. This modest film directed by debutant, where a reverent and touching re-creation of the period of childhood is less important than the fanged beast until the very end hiding behind trees and attacking victims suddenly. And it will not stop and the walls of the house, and only a silver bullet can put an end to his season.

“Silver bullet” — not only the bullet but also a modified wheelchair to Marty, flying like a bullet, so even the car is not easy to catch up. Here is the film — not only horror about a werewolf, but also the story of growing up brother and sister, their timid entry in the bleak adult world, where there may be worse things than a werewolf. And who cares where it came from. Innuendo, incompleteness of history — a sure sign of a talented movie that leaves space for the imagination of the viewer. You just better see the many details that bothers to pay attention to the need to follow the plot, for example, a last look Marty at his friend as if he felt something bad. By the way, coming later adaptation of the novel of Stephen king “the Body”, to which the author’s remarkable is not to complain, is clearly worse, easier and not so pokerraume conveys the nostalgia for a carefree childhood, although there is no werewolf, whose bloody acts necessarily must be subordinated to plot.

9 out of 10

New review: Silver bullet 20.06.2017

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