New review: Silver wolf 20.06.2017

Many of my readers know that your humble author is no friend of the official localizers and looking at them only in exceptional cases when copyright odnogolosy could not be found. But if in the modern dubbing, I generally do try not to look, – over mnogogolosnoy still the right to life are, of course, if not kosyachat as in this case. Yes, something pierced they are very capital — renamed Michael Bien in baina, and it’s flowers — shoals in voice acting were so many that even lovers and it is better to do, and collector, apparently, the hack was even clean of debris voices could not simply smearing. Overall the experience of this localization is still spoiled, but, fortunately, even though the rating is not affected. So, something brought me there, because enough about the voice acting and go to film.

The story is fairly simple and naive — about the friendship between a teenager and a wolf. No, I still say that the plot is simple — it means to sin against the truth, it’s not a sweet tale for young children which love so much the stuff of cinematic syrup — just anything sweet in the film. Yes, there is friendship, loyalty and generosity, but at the same time, meanness, deceit and hostility. To some extent, he even harsh, showing people, for whom wild animals are just objects for hunting, they are ready to go to the provocations, to even try to circumvent the law to get their way. And if you are going to watch it, don’t expect that you will long to prepare for the main action, showing how to live according to some writers of the teen movies don’t really overage heroes that often looks stupid and boring — terrible grief waiting for you almost immediately, because it starts with the death of the father of the protagonist, Jesse.

Your humble author has ever seen before movies with Shane Meier, but honestly and frankly — absolutely not remember him in any of them, since his roles were mostly minor and barely noticeable. But the canadian was very good — Yes, he is considerably older than his character, but it is absolutely not conspicuous. Before us appeared the teenager, who is not immediately possible to find a common language with his uncle, but the General excitement over the wounded wolf brings them closer and makes not just relatives, but real friends. And after, when his four-legged friend is hanging real danger, he finds a way, and not be what you would expect — no, he resigns himself to the inevitable and do not like stupid and unnecessary scandals. As adults, they will understand when it’s all over, and my uncle probably would, if he knew about the plan of his nephew, and all would be supported and helped.

Uncle Roy plays the aforementioned Michael biehn. Your humble author saw him in the roles of maniacs and evil government agents, faithful to his duty, soldiers and police — Yes, a list of his characters is not limited to the same type of role. He called on the screen of pity and sympathy, hostility and resentment — the latter for quite often the death of even its heroes. And now he stands before us in a humble and not at all heroic image of the caretaker of the reserve. But why not just heroic? The fact that he stands up for the wolf when other, except for Jesse, just stood, watched and waited — it already pulls on heroic. That in the mouth of a boy seems silly childish is the right word, what’s so special about the wild beast, for him to risk his life — to an adult will listen, even if they don’t believe. May not be the brightest of its roles — but for sure the kindest and noblest of all his famous characters to me.

And in the end the logical question is — to whom this film might be interesting? He is a good, moderately fun and playful, moderately sad, and very warm. Many of these movies released now? Vulgarity and strained long ago entered this area, so that often what was intended for family viewing is not that it is forbidden to watch, and I want to eliminate. This film is ideal for viewing those who have preserved the child or he is a child and loves animals. But those who used to look at special effects and goes looking for something more modest would be just boring. Your humble author to the second category definitely do not consider myself

9 out of 10

New review: Silver wolf 20.06.2017

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