New review: sing Street 01.07.2017

It’s amazing. John Carney, who directed the earlier absolutely boring, predictable, dull melodrama “for once in my life” with mark Ruffalo and keira Knightley, have done literally the same thing, but in Irish scenery and with young actors, half of them newcomers and all, a beautiful film that could easily become a par with the best examples of youth melodramas of the 80s-90s.

1985. To live in Ireland is not very good. More and more young people decide to give up on a ferry to a nearby island and search for happiness in London.

The main character lives in a family where things are not the most successful way. Parents closer tends to divorce hanging over the family mortgage and to save the young man transferred to a cheaper school. There perceive it is not the best way, poison the strict requirements for appearance and among peers, appear willing to go wanton face. Then on the horizon appears like an unattainable girl however manages to find common ground and begins the “quest to rescue the Princess from the castle”.

The usual romantic film for young people, it would seem. But there is a caveat. Namely, the time of action.

The music scene of the 80s blooms and smells. Musicians are discovering synthesizers. Comes a new sound. The kings of the pop charts become Duran Duran. Arise young ambitious group making a “sound future” and playing songs filled with “happy sad”: Depeche Mode, Joy Division, The Jam, The Cure, Spandau Ballet, etc.

And this culture creates the perfect context for the development of simple but solid script.

Of course I am subjective. I just really love this music. But looking at the development of character under the influence of the musical idols, I think of myself. The main character discovers a new wave for the first time and makes the bangs. After discovering The Cure and makes the same fleece like Robert Smith and clothed in Gothic cloak. And later digested all this background and taking in the whole scene, finds his style and begins to resemble something of a cross between Bryan ferry of Roxy Music and David Byrne of the Talking Heads. Remember yourself young and green when wore wide pants watching clips decl and started angrily yelling at the first time heard the song Linkin Park and System of a Down. And gradually he began to shape their sense of taste and your own unique style. Because all people should be something unique and unique.

Sing Street is just a storehouse for the attentive person with the right background. A lot of references to those or other groups of the time and just cultural realities.

But above all else, and endlessly cute movie with a simple but good story in the spirit of the old melodramas, which sends warm greetings to the “Pretty in pink” and “Breakfast Club”.

9 out of 10

Incredibly nice and sweet nostalgic film with her warm and pleasant feeling of light sadness and a pleasant aftertaste. and the subsequent perekachivanie classic new wave and Synthpop.

PS (quote): “no girl will love a guy if he listens to Phil Collins”

New review: sing Street 01.07.2017

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