New review: someone else’s prayer 30.06.2017

The history of the Crimean Tatar said Arifovic and 88 saved her Jewish children, the author of which was life itself, woven from the tragic and the funny, human virtues and vices of greatness and baseness, probably, do not have invented and screenwriter with a very rich imagination. It was a very rewarding material and almost finished the story, which was to outline just a few areas and details. The fate of the children, which was almost crushed punitive machine of the two empires, and in the way which stood only fragile but brave said, touched to the core.

In his next directorial project Ahtem Seytablaev, not for the first time combined with the directing role played by, did everything flawlessly. Sincerely and with anguish comprehended the tragedy of his people “Haytarma”, he with no less conviction and sincerity the tragedy of the Jewish people. In its entirety, because almost every character in “Alien prayer” — a collective image, including representatives of the Jewish community of Bakhchisarai, which easily discern thousands, millions: how managed to survive and killed in torture chambers and concentration camps. That is why deep meaning, full of important messages the film Seytablaev, in spite of its seclusion and the lack of a Hollywood swing, however, is striking in its hidden epic, which once again speaks in favor of the Director, and in favor of screenwriter Nicholas Fishing, which carefully worked out the characters and managed to catch the history of all employed in the tape of the actors.

Most important of which was, of course, children. Work with children on set is a challenge for any Director, and even the most authoritative not always possible. From the Director there is an important tact, intuition, sensitivity, understanding, and most importantly simplicity and sincerity, because children feel false like no other. All these qualities have been at Ahtem Seytablaev and thanks from the children was followed by an immediate return in the form of the same simplicity, sincerity, and an added bonus — the total absence of any shyness or inhibition: in front of the camera guys feel completely free and play like themselves. Indifferent none of them, but a little more than others remembered, perhaps, Isaac and little Sarah.

However, imbued, as I have said, and adults. Lily Yatsenkofor which “someone else’s prayer” was actually the debut full meter after a series of successful works in the series, played perhaps the iconic role in his film career. Her character attracted primarily by the fact that we don’t see the ideal, a Saint with a halo. Said real person and with all his strong character, aging her no stranger to weakness and doubt. The choice before which it is placed, do not want anyone else to save other people’s children, exposing the danger of death his family, his children. And personally I probably would not have taken the liberty to blame her, she make a different choice.

In General, a difficult choice has become a leitmotif of the painting. It has to do here, in fact, everything, starting with the father of the Jewish family and to children. All of these scenes that basically make up the plot of “Alien prayer”, an incredibly emotional and shocking their, truth, emotional pain, without which it is impossible to look at many of them.

Significant in the film and the embodiment of evil German officer in a great performance of adriana Zwicker is another good character. The Director does not whitewash the character, showing his actions in all their cynicism, inhumanity and cruelty. But at the same time obviously and it Director, the desire to understand the character, to understand what motives he is guided by what makes him tick. And the result leaves him a chance somewhere very deep underneath all the superficial attentive viewer can see a human. Hints of this are visible in many of his scenes with Syed, and most clearly demonstrates their latest episode, where the hero Zwicker almost all highlighted people may not be evil by nature, but misguided, deluded that he was mistaken in his choice, stepping on the path easy and not correct. That, however, in no way can not serve him the excuse, and the Director is also clearly emphasizes this.

Finally we can not say about the religious meaning of the painting made in her name. The creators unobtrusive lead the viewer to believe that although the light is many religions, personal communication with God in which his name is not known, remains a sincerity and an open heart, the desire to do good and to try to see in the middle is good. And what words, what language a prayer — doesn’t matter. So, someone else’s prayer just yet, any of them can become his.

For me, the film Seytablaev, no doubt, will remain one of the best in film. I am sure that the film is about “cyborgs” which he’s filming right now, will make a powerful dramatic and emotional plans.

10 out of 10

New review: someone else’s prayer 30.06.2017

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