New review: someone else’s wedding 10.06.2017

American actress Denise Richards I love since childhood. I grew up on movies with her participation, so I have this actress is always associated with something pleasant. “Starship troopers“, “Savagery“, “Killer beauty” — the movies that Denise I love. She’s a beautiful woman and a nice actress.

This movie I watched it was because of her. Please Welcome Lauren. She is a wedding consultant and ass in the business. Girl any occasion will make perfect and has a good reputation. When the new client at the Agency where Lauren is working, getting rich, headstrong girl, the main character will be a big test, because she falls in love with anyone else, but to groom new client. Lauren gets into a series of ridiculous circumstances and a true love puzzle…

Genre picture Comedy and romance. More movie will appeal to the female audience. It is light and pink, ironic air. Everything is based on the desire of love, alternatives, and this huge force. The main character is very inspiring character. Despite the fact that apparently Lauren is fragile, on the inside she is very strong. This character as if created for love, for love and beautiful men from her dreams.

Richards, her character was played by charismatic, and with it was a pleasure to go on this easy movie. Good duet she made previously unknown to me actor Dean Cain, whom they looked harmoniously. It’s a movie about love, about the fragile world of women, about dreams and a career, good and dishonorable actions, and understanding it, about morality and about what is and what is not.

Alien wedding” (original title “I Do (But I Don’t”) is a canadian romantic Comedy 2004. Movie warm and easy, nice and cordial. I personally am neutral to it.

If You love Denise Richards, then do not pass.

6 out of 10

New review: someone else’s wedding 10.06.2017

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