New review: Somnia 27.07.2016

The movie caused mixed emotions. On the one hand, he was announced as a horror movie, but creepy atmosphere of not catching up. On the other — he is able to play the sick imagination of those who have trouble sleeping. That is why personally, I liked the film rather than Vice versa.

Acting. Jacob Tremble (Cody) surprisingly well chosen for the role of the boy who was sleeping. The whole movie I really believed him, as all his emotions were true. Unfortunately, Thomas Jane (mark) and Kate Bosworth (Jesse), in contrast, was a disappointment. It felt like during the shooting process, they both were under strong psychotropic drugs. Especially a lot of claims to Kate, because in the story her heroine’s son is dead, however imperceptibly, that she’s really sorry about all this, and indeed almost the entire film she had the same stony expression.

Special effects. For the movie 2016 is very weak. Butterflies are incredibly beautiful, but monsters is no surprise and is not scared. All of it has been repeatedly seen in other films. Overall the picture is nice, that is why when you view there is a paradox: like watching a horror movie, but instead of fear, a feeling of comfort.

Plot. In my opinion, the main idea of the film — dreams embodied in reality was disclosed entirely, but it was not enough explanation (even absurd), at least a hint of where Cody is such an amazing gift. In General, the plot almost does not SAG, is it the beginning seemed a bit slow, and the ending a surprise. Yes, Cody was able to overcome their fears and agree with yourself, this is really good, but why is Jesse allowed to keep the baby? This is contrary to common sense, so were not the best finish.

In General, the film is worth to be watched at least once.

6 out of 10

New review: Somnia 27.07.2016

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