New review: song after Song 26.06.2017

Directors for me can be divided into five categories:

– Favorite

-A nice mainstream (like the majority)

-Dear, but personally I do not understand


-Terrence Malick

It’s incredibly specific Director with some of their own views on everything, which for me goes far beyond. To watch the films he shot — it’s like to drag up the hill a bag of rocks for yourself. Like, beautiful, but terribly hard.

The problem is that Malick likes to shoot my favorite actors(and then cut them from the movie), so I clenched teeth, having to watch his paintings.

Amid everything else that was removed Malik, “Song for song” came out quite tolerable film. The actors played on top, shooting captivating beauty, but… I will stop here to praise Malik. The dialogues are again similar to snatches of conversation. “What do you mean by that, man,” I fought in my mind. Head, by the way, tired and ragged frame of the plot, which is simply perceived ragged scraps.

Although, if the story got into the hands of another person, it could be more smooth. And would make a really interesting film. And the scene with the live music would be appropriate, but not in the style of “I took my camera and went to shoot the backstage of the festival”. The story about “love polygons” in the background of the music festival in Austin, you can beat the luxurious. Having an Arsenal of powerful actors and musicians: from Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender to Iggy Pop and Patti Smith. But the movie was shot by Terrence Malick. So he came like a dream of a man who took a dose of LSD and went to the festival.

Put “seven” for the idea, the cast and music. Everything else has only one excuse, “Malik”.

P. S If you love Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Natalie Portman or Rooney Mara, the film you can safely watch them here enough, and Malik they are not particularly cut, apparently. In General, it is better to spend your evening in a more logical and not so boring film.

New review: song after Song 26.06.2017

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