New review: SOTOS 10.06.2017

“SOTUS” — a completely different education system. This abbreviation, which stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity and Spirit. Students of senior courses are assigned mentors to the freshmen. The freshman Kongpob gets to his mentors undergraduate Arteta.

The series consists of 15 episodes of 45 minutes. Filmed in the genre of romance, senen-ay.

Well, it is very touted drama. Have seen many in the same genre — this is not ideal. The plot is quite interesting, it is interesting to observe the mentor relationship and freshmen. Relationships the main characters develop slowly and gradually.

Too slow story, a very long developments. Only in the last three series showed that the creators decided to convey to the viewer. Announced the date of season 2, I want to continue. I did not understand that it is possible to make more. You can read millions of reviews on other sites where young girls can admire this work. To watch or not — you decide. Not to say that a negative attitude towards this picture, but don’t think this drama the best on this topic.

6 out of 10

New review: SOTOS 10.06.2017

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