New review: soup 09.10.2017

17 years of living in St. Petersburg, and her husband even more, and the thumbnail is not been. Only did that once, stayed in the same courtyard with the Studio, where are the classmates of the youngest son, and where we 2 years ago together with other parents whiled away the night of their prom, knowing a glass of wine, “Cheers! The exam over, but how much is yet to come!”

But it’s 2 years ago, and it turned out that you can get into the “Holy of holies” of the oldest film Studio of Russia, where in the Director’s hall will host a pre-premiere screening of the first of the series of good films made by young filmmakers on stories by Russian writers. The day before yesterday they showed the film “the soup” on the short story by Andrei Platonov. The story we have not read and do not even listen, more surprising to us was the story, it would seem, is out of date, but at the same time, telling of a monstrous human cruelty and indifference that 100 years ago killed a good man, and in our days kill hundreds of innocent people.

Despite the small technical problems that accompanied this pre-premiere screening, the film was shot by young Director Lolita Naranovich, graduate of VGIK, instantly moved us in those ancient times described by the author. The costumes of the actors, their manner of speech and behavior, the interiors — all out of antiquity. The work of artist, costume designers, make-up artists, the whole team of the movie has caused me a lot of respect. Any historical film, even its final version lasts only 15 minutes, requires tremendous work, study material and advice. It’s not a modern base “sitcom” where the characters in the frame to play at what came. And yet, our people love to philosophize and seek out any discrepancies in the age and the time, so double with costumer demand. Here is my goggle-eyed husband after the film said that he had noticed on the feet of one of the villains of modern boots, but rather, its a small niggle.

The cast, half of which is little children, matched very well. All played with soul, and the elderly, and kids. Their words before the film about what the atmosphere on set was such that, except with the full dedication of the soul and strength to play did not work, was not empty.

I also want to note enormous work of a young girl — producer Galina Fesenko. It is not a commercial project — the filming of modern blockbuster or hyped the plot of a historical Saga. What are the words she found to convince sponsors that to remove these short films now really need? In short, she is a talented smart, talented and clever — the whole team!

Thanks again Veronika Komina for the opportunity to be there to shed 15 minutes streams of tears. I even saw crying men!!!

I don’t like modern Comedy, I do not measure personal rating of the film — the amount of spilled tears. Tears from the depth of his soul.

Looking forward to the continuation of the anthology of films about goodness and mercy.

New review: soup 09.10.2017

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