New review: South Park 27.07.2016

My acquaintance with South Park began with a series of “Free Visaka”, naturally, after I found out that there appears Putin. And the series I liked it, I laughed Pogorel over time with Russia. Then followed a series of “Best friends forever” and so on, at the moment I have looked all series.

And I must say I like South Park, with its cruel sense of humor, even more than “the Simpsons” with their subtly ironic jokes and Futurama with its sci-Fi humor. I would call South Park a Comedy-satirical show because all episodes of this series can be divided into two groups: funny and with meaning.

A funny series there are many. Especially in the first seasons. The humor in South Park every: entertaining (lots of “Volcano”, “Death”, “Conjunctivitis”), parody (“the Return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers”, “Black Friday”), satire (“Trapped in the closet”, “Enema shit”), absurdity (“Blue South Park, “Sexual healing”), black humor (“kindergarten”, “the Return of Chef”) and just merciless mockery and ridicule of various people (“Videonab stupid spoiled W***, “Fur-Streisand”). Personally my favorite series that I have really long ugoral: “Cartman anal probe”, “a Show about breast cancer”, “save the veal”, “All for the sake of destruction,” “Wait for the new film Terrance and Phillip”. Especially suggest “a Show about breast cancer” this is just a wild rzhach. I certainly do not like all the series, mostly those which are associated with excess filth like “More crap”, “a Million little fibers” or series “Bracelet for applause,” where it “became clear” that Jesus was stoned at the time of the crucifixion, and have pussy Wright support, in General, stupid series. I generally-don’t like when you make fun of God or Jesus Christ.

Well, South Park is not a pride show, he is also many important issues raised in his series, and really informative. Euthanasia (“Best friends forever”), immigrants (“Goobacks”), freedom of speech (“Cartoon wars”), Mormonism (“All about Mormons”), gay rights (“Follow the egg”), etc.. Of such series is my favorite — “a concentration Camp of tolerance”, this is the episode where Mr. garrison explains the difference between tolerance and simple approval dominant behavior. I think this is a very hot topic in the modern world.

Now about the characters. Many say that their favorite character is Cartman, but personally, I love Kenny. Simply because of all the others, he seems the most normal, unspoiled, and the fact that he says he’s actually a cutie. And I don’t like that the creators don’t care. Kenny and in the first seasons, when she was dying every episode, still felt a secondary character, he was more aloof than actually doing something. But in recent seasons, Kenny this is plainly the character of the second plan, it is rarely the main character, rarely affects the plot. And it’s a shame that the creators of such a cool character does not want to develop.

As for Cartman, he is a contradictory character. In some episodes it actually kill sobstvennoruchno want (“Red cow”, “You will not Alpesi”) while others admire his intelligence, cunning and coolness (“make love not Warcraft”, “the problem with the glands”). But Kyle and Stan strange characters, they may as well just confuses me why in some episodes they are almost the only sensible people, while others argue it is also naive as all the others (“Damien”).

Well, I would also like to thank the creators for the fact that we are not forgotten. Russian regularly appear in South Park, the same Putin, in addition to “Free Visaka” appears in the “pinewood Derby”, he is so sweet happened, but I do not understand why the gingers did. In a series of “Mandaba” there is the Russian mafia, even in the last episode of the 19th season, which is a parody of “Red heat” generally appears in the character which in Russian says: “I ne Odyn of them.” It’s certainly nice, though confused why the creators can’t do once the series is dedicated to the Russian, as they did such a series about the Japanese, Germans, Jews, and Russians here are only secondary characters.

Well, I would also like to thank our voice: Eugene Rybova that just perfectly voiced and picked up the voice of all the characters of the cartoon, especially the voices of Cartman, Kyle, Baters, which I still marvel how a guy can voice a female voice Kyle, IKE, Bathers just who watched will understand, they have such voices in our version, it seems to me that the woman voiced, not Ribov. Well, other depletory” Goblin, “Cube in cube” is also well-voiced.

Conclusion: you Know, maybe someone does not like South Park, I’m not judging these people, I understand if someone does not like vulgarity or inappropriate humor. But I love South Park, it’s really funny, hilarious, and sometimes satirical animated series.

8 out of 10

New review: South Park 27.07.2016

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